Functional Medicine consulting nationwide
Functional Medicine consulting nationwide
An Investment That Lasts a Lifetime
Partnering with Flourish Idaho FM is an investment in yourself that will pay dividends for the rest of your life
An Investment That Lasts a Lifetime
Partnering with Flourish Idaho FM is an investment in yourself that can pay dividends for the rest of your life

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The below list contains the the most commonly asked questions regarding our Functional Medicine and Integrative Cardiology services.

Functional Medicine focuses on an individual’s unique environmental, emotional, genetic, and lifestyle factors that contribute to the “root cause” of disease and dysfunction. It also utilizes conventional medicine when appropriate, as well as holistic, natural, and state-of-the-art individualized treatment plans designed to address a client’s unique biochemistry and health goals.

Additionally, Functional Medicine providers strive to empower their clients to take personal control of their health and teach them the tools and practices required to maintain wellness on a long-term basis.

Conventional Medicine practitioners are trained to treat disease exclusively with invasive interventions and pharmaceuticals. Unfortunately, this type of medicine is heavily regulated by insurance companies and governmental agencies, which significantly limits the type of testing and services provided to an individual.

Functional Medicine practitioners also have extensive training in Conventional Medicine, but in addition have received rigorous education and certifications that place their provider abilities well above the usual standard of care. This additional education allows the Functional Medicine Practitioner to clearly identify the root cause of disease and subsequently create individualized treatment plans designed to reverse disease and maximize long-term wellness.

Functional Medicine is right for anyone who has the desire and commitment to optimize their health by partnering with a Functional Medicine practitioner to create a path to wellness. Functional Medicine treatment plans are rooted in specific lifestyle modifications that include dietary changes, exercise, targeted or systemic detox, therapies to resolve unhealed trauma or stress, and individualized botanicals and/or nutraceuticals.

Before deciding to become a Functional Medicine client, you must understand that the path to optimal wellness can take time and is dependent upon your action and commitment. If you feel overwhelmed by this, please trust that FIFM is your guide to wellness and is willing to help you determine where to start and how to successfully progress in your journey.

FIFM’s services are considered above the standard of care. As such, while most services are reimbursable through your Health Spending Account (HSA), conventional insurance reimbursement is not guaranteed and consequently, FIFM does not bill or accept insurance.

Dawn Aiken, N.P. practices in Idaho’s largest acute care cardiology hospital and as such, must adhere to contractual obligations with governmental insurance plans to maintain her hospital privileges. Due to this, FIFM is not able to accept Medicare or Medicaid patients as medical clients, irrespective of these patient’s desire or ability to independently pay out of pocket for their services. If you have Medicaid or Medicare and are in need of Functional Medicine services, please e-mail us at for a list of local Functional Medicine providers who accept Medicare/Medicaid clients.

Flourish Idaho Functional Medicine is a consultative service that offers holistic solutions to achieve superior wellness outcomes. As Flourish Idaho Functional Medicine does not provide acute medical care services or after-hour services, FIFM requires that you maintain a conventional primary care physician and appropriate specialists as indicated. FIFM’s services are not meant to substitute or replace those of a conventional medical practitioner; instead, these services complement and improve upon conventional medical care. 
Ideally, the journey to optimal health and wellness starts at a young age. As such, we welcome children and adolescents who are suffering from chronic illness or conversely, who are currently healthy but want to learn the foundational principles of nutritional and lifestyle self-care to build a lifetime of health. It should be noted that both parents or guardians must be committed to a healthy lifestyle and nutrition plan for FIFM to accept the child as a client.
There is no substitute for an in-person clinical exam and clients of FIFM need to be seen for an in person visit at least once yearly. FIFM also offers the flexibility of tele-health services to maximize client convenience and allow for individuals outside the Boise metro area to receive health consultation without frequent need for travel.

The goal at FIFM is to use food sources to primarily satisfy a client’s nutritional needs. However, in the beginning stages of healing, supplements are often recommended to increase the consumption and absorption of essential vitamins, nutrients, and minerals within the body.

Most recommended supplements can be purchased via FIFM’s online dispensary, Fullscript. Please create an account at When ordering through FIFM’s dispensary, FIFM ensures clients receive exclusive discounts!

In addition, FIFM often recommends various Cellcore products. To order Cellcore products please register for a Cellcore account with FIFM’s Practice Code: O5FazG7j

Functional Medicine visits are specifically tailored to your individual needs and consequently require extensive preparation. As such, if you are not able to cancel or reschedule within 24 business hours of your scheduled appointment, FIFM reserves the right to pass the cost of the missed visit on to you.

It is preferred to send a chat message via your individualized client portal in the “Practice Better” application. If you are unable to use the chat feature in Practice Better, you may alternately e-mail

Routine and brief communications will be answered within 24-48 business hours and are complimentary. Depending on the complexity and time commitment needed to address your concern, a time appropriate care coordination charge may be assessed to your account.

  • New client (90-120 minute) initial consultation: $744
  • Lab review (90-120 minute) visit: $528
  • Routine (60 minute) follow-up visit: $444
  • Brief follow-up phone or in-person visit (under 30 minutes): $228

FIFM is committed to providing holistic family care and offers family plan pricing for our services. The fees associated with our family plans differ depending on the family’s overall illness burden and current state of health.

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